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According to a recent report by the BBVA-Ivie Foundation on growth and competitiveness, Spain is far from the leading economies: 30% below the US and 20% compared to Germany. In this context, it is surprising that very few companies calculate the time of the professional activities of all their employees.

Dosier Empresarial has recently joined the long list of media that have published articles about Robotics and VisualTime ProductiV, the latest evolution in time management solutions focused on increasing productivity.

When measuring the time dedicated to tasks, clients and projects, the differences regarding what was believed are between 20 and 30 percent, on average, for all employees. These are differences that should not be overlooked for the levels of efficiency and competitiveness needed today. VisualTime ProductiV allows you to detect the areas with the best chance of improvement and focus your efforts on them.

Learn about the many advantages of implementing VisualTime ProductiV in your company.

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