Our SaaS customers comply with the GDPR

100% of our SaaS customers already have the VisualTime versions that include these new functionalities.

After May 25th, date on which the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became mandatory, from Robotics, we provided to our clients with all the tools and solutions to facilitate the compliance of this new regulation. Today, we can say that 100% of our customers in Software As A Service (SaaS) are already updated with the latest version of VisualTime. In addition, a very high percentage of customers with On Premise also have the latest versions of the solution which also implies an improvement in their operation and daily use. All this has been possible thanks to an important campaign in which we are still immersed, informing our clients of the latest changes that are taking place and of the legal needs that affect the management of personnel data.

From Robotics, we provide all the resources that are within our reach for the adaptation of our clients, even outside the scope of VisualTime. We are advising them personally, we provide legal material that we have developed with prestigious firms such as Andersen or PwC, so our clients can use it freely, and we offer training aimed at the use and exploitation of the new functionalities, through an e-Learning platform. VisualTime, and the VisualTime Portal App, both designed and developed by the R + D + i area of Robotics, allow to define different authorization levels to visualize certain high level personal data such as biometrics, configuere different pseudonymisation settings of personal data, have a higher level of encryption of the data stored in the terminals, etc.

David Arderiu, Robotics CEO, noted that “the implementation of the GDPR has been a very complex task and has required a great dedication from our entire team”.

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