rxF Terminal

Biometría facial

The rxF is the next generation terminal that incorporates the latest technologies on facial biometrics in an elegant and innovative design.

Punches are performed by just getting closer to the terminal, without requiring getting hands out of the pockets nor pressing any button, and all that in a matter of seconds.  Moreover, unlike other systems, to get access everybody has to show his/her face.  In environments with a large number of employees, with the need of high security measures or where the company wants to convey an image of innovation, rxF is the solution.

Behind this ideal operation, we can find the latest 2.5D facial recognition system, with light and infrared cameras in a powerful access control system.  In environments with high security measures, the facial system can be combined with the fingerprint or proximity card recognition.

Integrated with VisualTime, all the rxF terminals are managed from a central point, and automatically and transparently synchronize the credential admissions and leaves from anywhere.

  • Thanks to its elegant and innovative design, it conveys an image of innovation and modernity
  • State-of-the-art facial recognition with 2.5D technology and dual detection using infrared and light to guarantee maximum reliability
  • Really convenient, as there is no need to show hands, cards or pressing any button
  • Very fast punches, ideal for companies with a high turnout of people and/or employees
  • 100% hygienic as it does not require any contact
  • Possibility to work without network connection through USB synchronization
  • Ease to use VisualTouch interface
  • It prevents phishing and offers optimum security
  • Precision: Terminal with the lowest error rate in the market (FAR >=0.0001%)
  • It includes an optical, high precision biometrics reader that enables registering up to 10 fingerprints per user
  • Possibility to integrate the terminal with an alarm or sensor that will warn us in case of security vulnerabilities
  • TCP/IP communications that enable to easily work in real-time.
    This adds extra power to the implemented solutions, and makes it possible to combine the real-time work with back-up offline work performed by the system in case of communication failure.
  • VisualTime automatically synchronizes the terminal data (punches, sirens, credentials, employee name, PINs…) in real-time.


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