VisualTime Analytics

VisualTime Analytics is an advanced Business Intelligence system that enables you to analyze and explore data from VisualTime to search for patterns, tendencies or ideas which bring significant improvements to your company… more info

VisualTime Costs Control

VisualTime Costs Control

All companies have costs centers, but very few know the real costs of staff in these centers. VisualTime Costs Control provides the most accurate cost data by cost center…more info

VisualTime Tasks

VisualTime Tasks

Visual Time Tasks is the solution for the monitoring and control of work activities that will allow you to organize and optimize the resources of your company, increasing its productivity and efficiency. Complementing VisualTime Time Management with VisualTimeTasks, you may know… more info

VisualTime ProductiV

VisualTime ProductiV is the new solution from Robotics S.A. after many years of R+D+I to increase efficiency and productivity in these days of constant changes, and agile and dynamic environments. VisualTime ProductiV combines a solution that is affordable and easy to implement with power and a very fast ROI.

VisualTime ProductiV enables you to get in real-time all costs, performance, and time data related to all tasks, projects, costs centers and customers from the company staff… more info

Control Dinámico de Planta

VisualTime PDC

VisualTime PDC or Plant Dynamic Control is the solution that will help you improve productivity in your factory or production plant, reduce production costs, reduce the delivery times, and detect the inefficiencies before they have an impact on the benefits… more info

Biometría dactilar

mx8 Terminal

The mx8 terminal is the evolution from the previous and successful mx7 terminal: an even more comprehensive professional range, which offers the possibility to share in the same device the biometric identification by any kind of proximity cards and optional picture with the VisualTouch interface.  The mx8 terminal is quite small and includes a high capacity battery… more info


mx7 Terminal

The mx7 terminal is the professional range model used till mx8 was released in 2013.

This terminal combines in one single device the biometric identification (by proximity cards and PIN) with a design based on a PC architecture and the VisualTouch interface.  It is essential for optimizing Time & Attendance, Access, and Production Management, and it does not only capture data, but it also enables performing… more info