Filosofía Robotics S.A.

We are aware about the importance of our work, and the company objective is to offer solutions that meet your computing systems needs related to time management; this commits us to improve our work both at a commercial and technical levels.

We work as a team with experts from the key company fields:
Engineers, Programmers, Information Officers, Economists, Auditors, Advertising Executives, Communication and Marketing.

Our structure is based on the solutions offered, which provides it with great flexibility.

Our mission:
Helping small- to medium-sized businesses and big accounts, specially the Human Resources and Production departments, to gain maximum management efficiency using our solutions, services and specialized consultancy.

Our vision:
Becoming a leading company in the time management field knowledge, as well as leaders in offering solutions, products and services that meet your needs.  Becoming the point of reference in this industry in Spain.

Philosophy / Objectives

  1. Help your company to reach the following goals:
    • Provide information management and control related to access, presence and plant dynamic control of your employees.
    • Gain optimum satisfaction thanks to the information provided by our solutions.
    • Gain optimum profitability with value-added products and services.
  2. Grow and be present all around the country, directly and/or through resellers and/or strategic alliances.
  3. Actively participate in the process to know the businesses and their problems related to time management and productivity improvement, through studies, forums and collaboration with organizations connected with this industry.