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VisualTime Time Management

Save time, gain control, flexibility and information. VisualTime Time Management is the solution to manage the company staff time & attendance...

HR Scheduling

VisualTime HR Scheduling is the right solution to schedule staff calendars according to the nowadays varying work or resources demand...

Registro de la jornada laboral VisualTime by Robotics

Proactive Management of Absenteeism

VisualTime Absenteeism Management performs a complete measurement and provides an unrivalled absenteeism control all that...

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Featured Services

Time scheduling

Proactive Management of Absenteeism


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Manage Time, retain the best employees

Robotics, based in Sabadell, occupies a space in the human resources management software.

HIPOTELS HOTELS & RESORTS bets on time management for its employees

In a first phase, the 1,200 employees of its 7 hotels in Cádiz will enjoy VisualTime Premium solution that includes features such as cost control, hourly flexibility, document management and prevention of occupational risks.

Our SaaS customers comply with the GDPR

100% of our SaaS customers already have the VisualTime versions that include these new functionalities.